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Northwood Apartments
Northwood Apartments

Northwood Apartments in Canton, Georgia

Northwood Apartments in Canton, Georgia offers an exceptional living experience with a range of desirable amenities. Residents can enjoy the convenience of high-speed internet access, as well as the added convenience of washer/dryer hookups within each unit. The apartments are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems to ensure year-round comfort, complemented by ceiling fans for added circulation. The community is smoke-free, promoting a clean and healthy environment. Other notable features include a dishwasher, pantry, oven, and refrigerator in each apartment. The flooring options consist of comfortable carpeting and durable vinyl, providing both style and practicality.

Every Comfort Considered

Smart space is designed for the way you live.
That means providing an extraordinary level of privacy, security and serenity.

Spacious Floor Plans

The spacious floor plans at Northwood Apartments provide residents with ample room to live and relax. With thoughtfully designed layouts that optimize space and functionality, these floor plans offer a comfortable and inviting living environment for individuals and families alike.

Modern Amenities

Northwood Apartments boasts an array of modern amenities that cater to residents' needs and desires. From high-speed internet access and washer/dryer hookups for convenience to air conditioning and heating systems for year-round comfort, these contemporary amenities elevate the living experience to new heights.

Natural Light

Natural light floods the interiors of Northwood Apartments creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Large windows and open floor plans maximize the entry of sunlight, illuminating the living spaces and providing a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere for residents to enjoy.

Canton, Georgia: Where History Embraces a Vibrant Present

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of north Georgia, Canton seamlessly blends its rich historical roots with a thriving modern atmosphere. From its picturesque downtown lined with quaint shops and eateries to its numerous festivals and events celebrating local culture, Canton offers a unique charm that captivates both residents and visitors alike.

At the heart of it all

Uniquely glamorous neighborhood. The building presents the opportunity to make a home among the parks, plazas and cultural landmarks of a legendary part of the city.

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Great Dining

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